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Who and What we Are

Who and What we Are

We are not a church of Traditional Christianity. We are not Christians, either. We are Messianic Hebrews of the Assembly of Yahshua as it existed in the first century A.D.  As latter-day disciples (talmidim) of Yahshua Ha Mashiach (the Anointed Salvation of Yahweh), we are called to live a separate way of life to prepare ourselves for the imminent return of the Messiah, which will take place within this generation (Mat.24:34).

According to prophecy, there was a former rain; this was the out-pouring of YHWH’s Spirit on that famous Day of Shavuoth (Pentecost) of 30 A.D. (Acts 2:1-4), marking the birth of Spiritual Israel. But, as usual, Satan conspired with the beast from the sea (the Roman Empire) and the beast from the earth (a religious leader or world religious system), –to whom he gave his power (Rev.13)–, to pervert and silence the Original Message (Gal.1:6-7; 2 Thes.2:2-7; 1 John 2:18-19; Rev.2:15). Already, in the first 50 years of the ekklesia of Yahweh, as recorded by the early apostles, many false workers had crept in and preached different doctrines (Jude 3-4). They mislead a majority of believers and caused many others to drift away from the truth. [They] have strayed concerning the truth… and they overthrew the faith of some,” wrote Paul (2 Timo.2:18). Several different doctrines called gospels (spells of god) came out, flourished, and matured in Europe, under the protection of emperors and monarchs and states’ legislations. This mystery of iniquity (2 Thes.2:7) is the greatest enigma of the ages, that has baffled generations of people and kept the world under the thickest clouds of ignorance ever, for many centuries.

We boast of no personal claims. We make no personal interpretations of the Scriptures. We did not add nor change anything to that which was received from Yahshua: “Whatever Yahweh commands” we carefully observe, Deut.12: 32. Whatever Yahshua used to do, we do, 1 John 2: 4-6. As Covenant Keepers, we keep Torah and remain in the spiritual dimension of the Covenant Yahweh made with our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

We hope to not upset anyone by not using Jesus (Iesus, Iasus, Iesous), Lord (Baal), god/God (Gud, Gutt), holy (Hindu, from pagan India), etc. Our reasons are biblical and historical. It is our prayer that all Truth Seekers will have the magnanimity of obeying the command of the Ruach Ha Qodesh, which urges us to prove all things, 1 Thess.5: 19-21. We condemn nor judge anybody for doing the opposite. Since birds of same feathers flock together, we welcome fellowship with all like-minded brothers and sisters who want to dedicate their lives for the Kingdom to come.

If you have any article, which falls in line with the Truth, that you’d like us to publish, do not hesitate to let us know. This garden belongs to Yahweh. You are welcome to this threshing floor, so long that you stand on the foundation of the Hebrew Apostles and Prophets of Israel, Yahshua being your chief corner stone, Eph.2: 20.

Do not forget to check our Scripture Studies. That page answers many pertinent questions which will open your eyes forever.

If you are tired of being enslaved in Babylon; if you are sick of seeing your spiritual life constantly under the siege of Babylonian,  every day; if you have been wondering which way to go, why not read Community and Walking the Talk. Walking with Yahshua is for us a practical Way of Life, not just lip-service claim of conversion or faith. We, therefore, believe in a Community Way of Life.

Because of our choice, we have met many perfidious minds who hesitate not to label us as a CULT; that’s o.k. Even our Master, Yahshua, was accused of being the head of a cult. It is their rights to vilify the few elects who feel so strongly in their desire to live for the kingdom to come that they choose to live their life differently, as close to the Bible way as possible. We expect no one to say any thing good about us. We need to understand that those self-proclaimed crusaders, who work to tarnish the character of Yahshua’s Covenant Keepers, have been the victim of ignorance; which is why they often confuse cult with the occult. May Yahweh be the judge!