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The Last Ingathering Of The Saints

Preparing For Yahshua’s Return

“Come out of her, My people. Touch not of the unclean.”
Rev.18: 4.”

As the events leading to Tribulation and the subsequent Return of Messiah are unfolding, the call to Revelation 18:4 becomes more urgent than ever. It is imperative that those who made a covenant with Yahshua look up and consider the menacing clouds were hovering above, for the foretold storm is coming. In the days ahead things are going to get harder. It will be very difficult for true believers to survive alone. The world’s political and financial institutions will no more be able to deliver what they promised. Here is the picture. We are very much aware of the fact that the world has a strategy of vilifying those who sound the shofar of Yahweh as prophets of doom. This is normal. It’s been so for eons. What was forecasted will come to pass, whether sinners like it or not. The Word cannot return to Elohim without bearing fruits. And this world’s payment is long overdue.

On the Economic Front
As confirmed by many experts the stock market will crash, creating a situation worst than at the time of the Great Depression. One of the leading economic experts, head of the US Federal Reserve, recently said, “Nothing can continue to grow forever without collapsing under its weight.” Almost all other financial specialists believe that there is going to be a worldwide economic earthquake not many years from now. John wrote in the Book of Revelation, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius,” Rev. 6:6. Those that don’t have, even what they have shall be taken. And those that refuse to receive the mark of the BEAST will not be able to buy nor sell (Rev.13). Isaiah foretold that ‘ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and a homer of seed shall yield one ephah, Is.5: 10.” Yahshua reinforced all the above in Matt. 24.

Men, however, think they can circumvent Yahweh’s prophecy; they are therefore coming with Genetically Modified Food to forestall world famine. Do not be deceived, those of you who live comfortably in the so-called developed countries that pant over the dust on top of the world’s poor to feed their nations will come to know hunger. The word will come to pass. Man will only succeed in destroying his livelihood on earth. Even believers will all suffer the consequences of the mad scientists’ curse unless we go out and to Yahweh’s fertile ground.

There will be more flash flooding in many parts of the world, and more flooding means more famine. Where there is no flooding, there will be drought.

They are Poisoning our Food
Every so often one can read about the grim picture of our food supply. It is loaded with more poison than our body can tolerate.

Each time we purchase a pack of meat or poultry from the supermarket we voluntarily expose our health and that of our children to deadly strains of E-Coli bacteria and Listeria, and other worst forms of cancer-causing chemical products. Mass-produced poultry meat is full with such level of antibiotic that health organizations, worldwide, are raising hell against those industries. Russia has even stopped importing U.S. poultry because of their unsafe quality.

Farmers in the U. S. use more than one billion pounds of insecticide every year. Now, health officials are telling us every day not to feed our young children with too many fruits and fresh vegetables because of high levels of chemical residues. Those residues have a damaging effect on the immune system and vital organs such as our brain, liver, heart, and kidneys.

As a result, we are now dying at an alarming rate with colon cancer, heart diseases, the severe form of asthmas. It also seems that most people suffer from some allergies; which was not the case in past centuries.

In this age of ‘Frankesteinian’ biotechnology, the nightmares described in the Book of Revelation are already happening. It is not going to be long before they reach apocalyptic proportion.

On April 23, 1987, the go-ahead was given for the release of Frostban, a genetically engineered organism. The next day 2,400 strawberry plants were sprayed with it. Another potentially dangerous and genetically engineered bacteria is called Ice-minus, used on potato seedlings to prevent frosting. Some scientists are predicting risks of “potentially catastrophic magnitude.” So dangerous are Ice-minus and Frostban that the person who does the spraying have to wear special plastic gear which must be burned after used. The big companies are doing all those things to supposedly cut production costs, increase yield, and boost up profits. Everyone knows the story of tomato, these days. The European Union continues to refuse the imports of hormone-treated beef and genetically altered food from the United States, for they are more concerned about the destructive health consequences to innocent consumers than are U.S. money-hungry foods and chemicals producers. At the same time, the rest of Europe won’t buy beef from England because of mad-cow disease; a disease that is incurable. That disease is known to have reached Japan.

Cows were made to consume grass, but the money-hungry companies have mutated the bovines into cannibals. They feed them on pigs’ carcasses, entrails, and other animals’ remains. Even goats have been injected with human and spiders’ genes.

We are used to hearing of mosquitoes spreading encephalitis (a disease that cause inflammation of the brain), now mosquitoes in the northeastern region of the United States are said to be carrying a new pogrom called the West –Nile Virus. There is no real cure, yet. And what are cities’ officials using to fight this little monster? A nerve gas agent banned in warfare. The toll of its consequence is already in.

Nuclear War
For years and years nations have been fed with a big and demonic lie telling them those diabolic weapons were for deterrence. Now, even the United States and Britain that used to arrogantly say that only in their hands are the nuclear weapons safe threat to used them against poor nations because of their governments, which the U.S. has a quarrel.

Yes, there will be a nuclear war within this generation, Matt.24: 32-33. This third world war will be the last. One Messianic Hebrew servant used to laugh at for telling people that there would be such a war, years ago. Now, the reality is more than palpable to everyone with some level of intelligence. The Book of Joel is very clear on a nuclear war, Joel 2: 1-3; 3: 9-11. Matthew 24: 22 tells us that no flesh will be saved alive if Yahweh does not shorten the days of evil.

Keep in mind that no weapon has been invented that has not been put to use. Period. We only came this close during the 19991 Golf War. Didn’t you hear the news?

You are probably not aware of that: there is an actual clock used by the scientists of the Strategic Center to keep watch on developing world events to tell how close we are from doom’s day. Let the skeptic stop their pathetic ignorance. The announcement was made last February 2002 that the hands of that clock were moved to 3-minutes before midnight. Midnight being the hour of destruction. How prophetic! It sounds like the angel of death over Egypt. What can I do you ask? Click on this hyperlink to Collective Freedom, then learn What We Mean by Community, and go to Come Out of Babylon before you read about The Plan.

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