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Baruch Atah Yahweh Eloheinu Melech Ha Olam who brought you here to Yahshua’s People, the Home Page of the Messianic Hebrews, of those who keep the Torah of Yahweh and the Testimony of Yahshua Ha Mashiach.
The world is indeed about to enter into the most perilous time, ever. Key prophecies are being fulfilled. Indeed the gathering of the nations for the great and final battle has begun. There will be a nuclear war (read Joel 2 and Matthew 24).



But, just before the great and terrible Day, Yahweh said He would ‘send messengers according to His own heart to teach the people knowledge and understanding,’ Jer.3: 15; and that work in the spirit of Elijah would restore all things, Mat.17:11. This Website is an answer to the prayers of Truth-Seekers who have asked ‘whatever happened through time and history that produced all those churches.’ This Site is a beacon of light for whosoever is diligently seeking the Original Doctrine as preached and practiced by Yahshua’s Hebrew Apostles.

I reasonably know that the teaching on this Site runs contrary to what’s out there in every synagogue, church, and temple, or other websites. This Site is meant to be a challenge to many who claim to believe in Yahshua. I am not here to please souls by talking the usual ‘religious talk’ of the system that seeks to keep people subservient to its machine, for the preservation of the status quo.

The uncompromising stance of this message finds few friends among believers who’d rather be as they want to be, unable to break away from their attachment to what they were brought up to believe. The uniqueness of this message is only for those whose souls are tortured by the declining world around them. The purity of this message is for those whose hearts are pure, and who are seeking for a way to keep the ideal religious life for the sake of the Kingdom. Consequently, unless you are one who believes that sanctification requires a 100% self-sacrifice, this message is not for you. Please, disregard and forgive any sadness the reading of what you’ll see on this Site, which you know is the truth, might cause to your heart.

The world’s system is bent on individualistic success, but our message axis is an order that makes financial freedom a priority for all, financial stability a possibility for all, social survival and a safe environment for sanctification a common responsibility. A great time of sufferings is soon coming upon our society: civil unrest, lack of food in the markets, food and water contamination, bacteriological wars, social paranoia, and worldwide pandemonium.

That you may know in advance, I am looking for those whose faith can accept to do as Yahshua asks, “Unless a man forsakes all that he has, he cannot be My disciple.” I am looking for those whose faith is as concrete as a stone. Those who will live their faith as opposed to those that are just talking about the name of Yahshua. In fact, there are those who presume that by acknowledging the ‘sacred names’ and the ‘sacred feast days,’ nothing extra needs be done to work out their salvation. However, to know these supreme truths advance no man, unless he goes beyond verbiage. This is why I look for Doers of the Faith, not Talkers about a Faith.


I could not agree more with Justin the Martyr who says, “By mere use of a name nothing is decided, either good or evil, unless some action is implied in the name.” And for our purpose, I will emphasize: unless some action is taken in the name of Yahweh and for the sake of the Kingdom, one’s confession of being Yahshua’s disciple is a complete lie.

There is a calling going out, right now, to Believers in the Way. This calling I am trumpeting to those who are truly His. It is the calling that they must “Come out of Babylon” to a Set-Apart Way of Life, where one’s life is entirely surrendered to Yahweh, for His glory.

Many are, right now, suffering from one extreme to the next because they refuse to surrender to our Master, Elohim. Our lives shall never be different, nor bring any happiness until we totally surrender to Yahweh through Yahshua.

He who totally surrenders to Yahweh leaves the world with its affairs and obligations behind. It is the only way to experience perfect peace. The chaos of everyday life, my friend, is conducive to rob you off the Kingdom to come. But if you break away from this world to live entirely for Yahweh, He will make your burden so light that you will feel like a soaring eagle, high above life’s mountains of troubles, with sweet, smooth air sailing under your wings. There shall continue to be sorrow, all around you, but none shall come to live in your dwelling. Do you believe it?

Understand, when you surrender your life to Yahweh, it is no more yours to manage. It is His, who created it, to do as He pleases. You cannot continue to cling on to your way of life, as you’ve had it, and still, believe that you’re in Yahweh’s will. No, you are not; for a man who stays where he was at after the curtain of ignorance has been lifted up, needs not claim to have received the light. His darkness is greater than before.

This call is not for those who live in a beautiful house in a wealthy and upscale neighborhood. This call is not for those with a steady and well-paying job they feel give them all the financial security they need. This call is not for those with a career they feel would be impaired and whose eyes are looking forward to retirement’s checks. This call is not for those who are content to have Saturdays for worship and going through the ritual of a short prayer in the morning and before bed time.

This is the Latter-Days’ Message and the challenge to all who are called to salvation from the foundation of the world, Eph.1: 4-8; Rom. 8: 30, a measuring of the Temple, the altar and those that worship therein, for the purpose of sanctifying themselves right before the return of our Master, Yahshua.

Let those who can believe, belief! Then gather around this banner.

Now, go on, read our article: Separation for Sanctification. Find the link at the bottom of this page.

If your heart is where mine is, write to me. It costs me time to read the many emails that keep on telling me how beautifully I sing. And please, do not make false promises: Thy shall not lie. Let your yes be yes, and your no is no.

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